The simplest way to brew


The stages of brewing Bräu style

Brew in a basket

The original Bräu design, their UniBräu brew in a basket (BIAB) approach is an all in brew solution for any brewer looking to step up to electric. Great for small foot prints in your space, and solid design for a reliable, consistent brew day.


The next stage in brewing after BIAB is HERMs. Dial in your temperatures and reach a consistent result each brew, every brew. Designed with Electric Brewing Supply's 360 series touch controls to complement the high quality Bräu Supply hardware.


Using a unique brewing method saving you time, money and space as you can brew in a much smaller footprint than traditional brew systems and get higher efficiency, with greater precision giving you easily repeatable results.

Looking to dial in your brew day

Bräu Supply HERMS Electric Brewery

The ultimate in turn key nano brewing systems. Designed with brewers in mind based on input from countless professionals in the industry. Bringing the best of design with hand made, attention to detail. A tig welded stainless frame stacked with bottom drain stainless kettles, powered by our unigue RIMS technology. Built in partnership between Electric Brewing Supply and Ruby Street Brewing.

System configurations starting from

$ 6,000