Unibräu Pro All In One Brewing System

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ETC 120V

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Our unique brewing method saves you time, money and space as you can brew in a much smaller footprint than traditional brew systems and get higher efficiency, with greater precision giving you easily repeatable results.

Unlike other fermenter based brew systems, ours is a complete rethink of what can be achieved in a conical brew design.  Other fermenter based brew systems are designed around BIAB method of brewing where the grains are hoisted out, leaving you with a fermenter half full of beer.  They require overhead hoists, necessitating great overhead clearance in order to operate the machinery.  Not only is this method potentially dangerous, as hoist failure could prove catastrophic,  but they are not nearly as efficient as our amazing space saving design.  Other fermenter based systems can only utilize roughly half of the fermenter space, as the displacement of the removable mash basket isn't as space efficient, and in order to fill the fermenter up with wort, they require the user adding a sparge step which adds all kinds of time to your brew day.

Our system can operate with your existing mash equipment, and is a potential upgrade to Unibräu users.  And, it can double your batch volume that was previously capable using your mash tun.  Our Unibräu Pro leaves gives you a fermenter full of beer that requires no sparge step, and has higher efficiency. So, you truly do get to brew with less space, in a shorter amount of time, with less clean up, and better efficiency.


Everything you need to brew and ferment.  If you have a water supply nearby and water 1 degree cooler than your desired fermentation temperature, nothing else is needed.  Otherwise a small glycol chiller or an aquarium water chiller will keep your temperature perfectly, and a mash paddle will help you stir the mash.  Helpful additions would include a hydrometer, ph meter, and of course your recipe grains, yeast and hops.

  • Fermenter is rated for 15psi in the vessel and 5psi in the jacket
  • Drop in ruler with volume markings
  •  Stainless fermenter blow off assembly
  • Rotating racking arm
  • Sample valve
  • Analogue pressure gauge 0-30 psi
  • 15 psi pressure reducing valve
  • 2" tri-clamp elbow
  • 2" butterfly valve
  • 2" tri-clamp and gasket x 2
  • 1.5" butterfly valve x 4
  • 6"-3" tri-clamp cap for 35L and 8"-3" tri-clamp cap for 50L-150L sizes
  • 6" tri-clamp clamp and gasket for 35L and 8" tri-clamp clamp and gasket for 50L-150L sizes
  • 3" cap, clamp and gasket
  • 1.5" tri-clamp and gasket x 22
  • 1.5" cap x 2
  • 5500W Brewing element (1650W element and power cord for 120V 30L system)
  • SV1 controller ( 240V systems come with theSV240 Power Regulator in addition which regulates power to the5500W element)
  • 10G, 20G or 30G kettle and lid
  • Mash tun false bottom and dip tube
  • Vorlauf double clamp arm
  • 1.5" Tri-clamp 3 piece ball valve
  • 1.5" Tri-clamp to quick disconnect adapter x 4
  • Quick Disconnect female to 5/8" barb adapter x 4
  • 1.5" Tri-clamp to 1/2" female adapter x 2 for 35L and 50L size - 1.5" Tri-clamp to 3/4" female adapter x 2 for 100L and 150L size
  • Mp-19 pump for 35L and 50L size, MP-40 pump for 100L and 150L size
  • 4 m(13') silicone tubing
  • Fermenter temperature control kit
  • Fermenter racking and filter kit
  • Water connection kit



  • 30L(8gal) fermenter - 35cm(13.75") diameter x 85cm(33.5") high to 100cm(39.4") height. 40L(10gal) mash tun - 35cm(13.8") diameter x 40.5cm(16") high. Brew volume - 12L(3gal) to 23L(6 gal).
  •  50L(13gal) fermenter - 40cm(15.75") diameter x 95cm(37.4") high to 110cm(43.3") height.  40L(10gal) mash tun - 35cm(13.8") diameter x 40.5cm(16") high. Brew volume - 19L(5gal) to 38L(10 gal).
  • 100L(26gal) fermenter - 50cm(19.7") diameter x 115cm(45.3") high to 130cm(51.2") height. 80L(20gal) mash tun - 45cm(17.7") diameter x 50cm(19.7") high. Brew volume - 19L(5gal) to 76L(20gal).
  • 150L(39gal) fermenter - 50cm(19.7") diameter x 140cm(55.1") high to 155cm(61") height. 120L(30gal) mash tun - 50cm (19.7") diameter x 60cm (23.6") high. Brew volume - 19L(5gal) to 114L(30gal).

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