PID Series 3-element RIMS Control Panel

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Power Rating: Interlocked Standard
Probe Combo: 3 NPT Probes

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Proudly made in the USA

All our control panels are designed and assembled in Chassell, Michigan. We strive to use as much USA made product in our panels as we can.


Achieve the most control you can in your brewing process with accurate temperature control via PID controllers.  Electric Brewing Supply's EBSP200 series PIDs provide a clear and accurate measure insuring an smooth brew day.  Increase your success with repeatability and accuracy unmatched by any smaller setup. 

This particular controller is designed for controlling 3 elements, interlocked limiting use to 2 elements at a time. This means a total of 2 elements in each HLT and Boil or a Mash/Rims element. We interlock the Boil with the RIMs element.

Trust in your system to last for you, while also know that the hardware is industrial standard, making for fast and easy repairs in case something does happen.

5-30 gallons    30-90 gallons   120v/220v US Ver


Panel Specifications
PID Controllers EBSP200 Temperature Controllers
Full load amperage:

Standard: 50 amps @ 240v

Double Batch: 73 amps @ 240v

Max Output: 

Standard: (2) 5500w Elements and (2) Brewery Pumps @ 1-2 amps each

Double Batch: (3) 5500w Elements and (2) Brewery pumps @ 1-2 amps each

Power outlet:

Standard: 14-50 Range style, requiring Neutral and Ground

Double Batch: (2) 14-50 Range style, requiring Neutral and Ground

Power cord:

Standard: 6 foot molded cord with CS6364C connector

Double batch: (2) 6 foot molded cord with CS6364C connector

Power in: CS6375 Flanged inlet(s) 240v with ground and neutral. 

Panel uses and provides 120v for control and for pumps

Panel outputs:

(3) L6-30 flanged outlets for elements

(2) L5-15 flanged outlet for pumps

(1) 5-15 plug on side of enclosure for auxiliary item

Panel inputs:

(3) XLR inputs with QC variant cables for NPT and TC probes


Stainless Steel Nema 4x Enclosure

20 in (W) x 22 in (H) x 8.5 in (D)

500mm x 550mm x 225mm

Included in the box:

(1) Control Panel

(1) Power cord for panel

(3) Temp probe cables

(X) Temp probes dependent on selection

Certifications: Controller is not certified UL
Point of origin:

Terminal blocks, relays and power from Germany

Enclosure, Connector and inlet made in the USA

PID Controllers, enclosure, outlets, contactors, breakers and SSRs from China

Warranty: 1 year parts, 90 days labor

All panels are assembled by Electric Brewing Supply, in Chassell, Michigan from globally sourced parts.


    LCD PID temp readings

    Clear and easy to read

    Easily see your temperatures and set them with our EBSP200 PIDs. Solid, stable, reliable, and easy to use. No convoluted menus to navigate.


    Standard or Double Batch

    Brew with 1 vessel at a time or 2. With double batch power, heat your HLT and Boil kettles at the same time; speeding up your day. Prepare the second batch of strike water or clean up more quickly.

    See the specifications for power draw for each power rating.


    Probes included

    Included in the price is our high quality RTD/PT100 probes. Select between 1/2 NPT threaded probes or 1.5" Tri-Clamp probes.

    Easily mounted

    Mount your panel quickly using an industry standard 200x200 VESA TV wall mount. No more guess work involved, find your stud, mount the wall bracket and then, your panel.

    Proudly made in the USA

    All of our control panels are made right here in the USA. With support and technical help provided by the same folks who designed and built the panel for you.

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