30a BIAB Hardware Kit

$ 300
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Boil Probe: NPT Probe

Note that this package does not include an enclosure.

We no longer are sourcing enclosures from China as part of our goal in providing quality products, to that end we no longer have an enclosure for this kit to offer at this time.

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Save yourself time with this 30a BIAB Hardware Kit, your best choice for home brewing! It's a DIY kit with a small footprint, making it easy to assemble and use in any enclosure. Enjoy the convenience of a small brewing in a bag/basket setup with this all-in-one home brewer kit!

Usual lead time is 1-2 days, as each package is made to order

Let us help you get started.

The kit includes:

Basic Kit Hardware

  • 4 - LEDs (1 white 220v, 1 blue 110v, 1 red 110v, and 1 green 220v)
  • 1 - Emergency Stop locking push button with NC Contact
  • 1 - 2-Way Switches with NO Contact for pump (off-on)
  • 1 - 2-Way Yellow/Orange LED Toggle switch for element contactor (off-on)
  • 1 - Additional NO Contacts for back of 3 way switches
  • 1 - Key toggle Switch for panel on/off
  • 2 - 63a DIN Contactors w/ 110v Coils for main power & element control
  • 1 - 40a Solid State Relays for control of element
  • 1 – Small external pre-drilled and tapped heat sink for element SSR
  • 1 - 1/2m cut of DIN rail or pre-installed piece in pre-cut enclosures
  • Terminal Blocks
  • 6a 1 pole DIN Rail Breaker
  • Terminal block anchoring ends
  • Terminal block end covers
  • Terminal block connecting jumpers


  • 1 – L6-30 Flanged outlets for elements
  • 1 – L5-15 Flanged outlets for pumps
  • 1 – L14-30 to 14-30 molded power cord
  • 1 – XLR Male connectors for temperature input
  • Tags for panel include:
    • Power / Off-On
    • Stop
    • Element / Off-On
    • Element
    • Pump / Off-On
    • Pump
    • Temp Probe
    • 240v / 30a
    • 120v / 6a

Temperature Controller and probes

  • Electric Brewing Supply EBS200 PID Controller
  • 1 - 1/2" MPT to 1-1/2" long Temperature Probe
  • 1 – XLR Female connectors for temperature probes

Wiring and wire fittings

  • Range style main power cable
  • Black 10 gauge wire
  • Red 10 gauge wire
  • Green 10 gauge wire
  • Black 14 gauge wire
  • Red 14 gauge wire
  • White 14 gauge wire
  • Yellow 14 gauge wire
  • Blue 14 gauge wire
  • Red 18 gauge wire
  • Yellow 18 gauge wire
  • White 18 gauge wire
  • #10 Yellow Spade connectors for 10ga wire connections on SSR relays 

 Enclosure Information

  • We no longer offer an enclosure for this kit.  The recommended enclosure dimensions are a 12 inch wide x 12 inch tall x 6 inch deep enclosure.


Tools you will need include:

  • Wire Cutters
  • Wire strippers
  • Crimping tools for spade and ring connectors
  • Phillips screw driver(s)
  • Flat head screw driver(s)
  • Zip ties and zip tie bases (optional)
  • Labeler or other means to tag wires



    LCD PID temp readings

    Clear and easy to read

    Easily see your temperatures and set them with our EBSP200 PIDs. Solid, stable, reliable, and easy to use. No convoluted menus to navigate.


    Standard or Double Batch

    Brew with 1 vessel at a time or 2. With double batch power, heat your HLT and Boil kettles at the same time; speeding up your day. Prepare the second batch of strike water or clean up more quickly.

    See the specifications for power draw for each power rating.


    Probes included

    Included in the price is our high quality RTD/PT100 probes. Select between 1/2 NPT threaded probes or 1.5" Tri-Clamp probes.

    Easily mounted

    Mount your panel quickly using an industry standard 200x200 VESA TV wall mount. No more guess work involved, find your stud, mount the wall bracket and then, your panel.

    Proudly made in the USA

    All of our control panels are made right here in the USA. With support and technical help provided by the same folks who designed and built the panel for you.

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