360 Pro Series - 8 Element (4 max) Brewhouse Control - UL Listed

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Proudly made in the USA

All our control panels are designed and assembled in Chassell, Michigan. We strive to use as much USA made product in our panels as we can.


 Introducing the all new Electric Brewing Supply Touch Screen brewery control solution, the 360 Series.  The only product available combining commercial grade designs and parts to bring you a home brewing experience unlike anyone else. 

This particular controller is designed for controlling upto 2 elements at the same time for back to back brewing. This controller software allows the simultaneous heating of a HLT while also heating the Boil kettle.  The control panel us UL listed for commercial use, and can be configured for back to back or interlock use depending on power available.

Average lead time varies. Please contact us.

2-4 barrels


Panel Specifications
360 Controller Screen 7" Touch control standard
Full load amperage:

119 amps @ 120/208v, 1ph

105 amps @ 120/240v, 1ph

3 phase options also available.

Max Output:  (4) 6000w Elements (208v 1ph) and (2) Small Brewery Pumps @ 2 amps
Power in: Cable gland/Cord grip or conduit
Panel outputs:

(8) L6-30 flanged outlets for elements

(2) L5-15 flanged outlets for pumps

Panel inputs:

(4) XLR inputs with M12 variant cables for NPT and TC probes

(2) M12 Expansion ports

(1) Cat5 network port for net communications

(1) Cat5 Cscan expansion communications port

Input probe type: RTD / PT100
Included in the box:

(1) Control Panel

(3) Temp probe cables

(X) Temp probes dependent on selection


Stainless Steel Nema 4x Enclosure

30 in (W) x 30 in (H) x 12 in (D)

700mm x 700mm x 300mm

Certifications: UL/cUL Listed under UL508a Rules.
Point of origin

Enclosure from Ohio, USA

Touch control from Indianapolis, IN, USA

Terminal blocks, relays and power from Germany

Contactors and breakers from EU

Warranty: 1 year parts, 90 days labor

All panels are assembled by Electric Brewing Supply, in Chassell, Michigan from globally sourced parts.



360 Series

The all new Electric Brewing Supply 360 Series brewery control solutions. Based on a standard 4-inch touch screen controller. With solutions available for home to commercial; gas, steam, and electric brewing, from 5-gallon BIAB to 15bbl Steam. Intercommunication between brewhouse and cellar control; as well as keg washing. The avid brewer or the startup nano-brewer, we've created a solution (or can) that fits your needs today and can add on to into the future. The only solution available for home brewing or commercial brewing alike. Available in low cost non-UL and commercial friendly UL (even Canadian friendly cUL) variations. All controls will feature local touch control, while the brewing and fermentation panels will also have a unique web experience.

Touch Control

Our 360 Series touch control systems are all based on controllers made by Horner Automation out of Indianapolis, Indiana. This means our controllers are made for industry and tested to break. The units are UL listed, as well, meaning they gone through 3rd party certification to insure the performance. Not to be left out, the screen is rated IP65 and Nema4x; meaning it can take the wet brewing environment and spit it back. With this, we hope you have some peace of mind.

Opportunity in design

Because our systems are based on Horner's controllers, this means the capabilities of our systems exceed our own base designs; giving you a valuable tool to expand and grow with. With each major revision of our code, new features are intended to help you more. With time, new expansion options in the form of valve control panels, VFDs for commercial, and more are a possibility without the expense of it all up front. No longer do you buy the Semi truck when you only need the pickup truck.

Easy to use interface

Our latest revisions to the 360 line have one goal in mind; to simplify the process while providing the most opportunity at your fingertips. By way of easy element output selection users can set a temp, select their elements and have peace of mind in knowing what they choose is what is heating. This extends to all our systems, including direct fire or flame as well as steam systems. Through our years of experience working with home brewers and startup commercial brewers we have a solid understanding of what we feel the user expects in their setup. While having all the features can't hurt, if you can't use them, then why are you buying them?

Options for all

The greatest opportunity for options comes with our 360 series solutions. This is because of the universally capable controllers and the code we've developed. No longer are you limited to just an electric brewery from Electric Brewing Supply, you have the opportunity for gas, direct fire, and steam setups depending on the needs of your brewery. This carries to size as well, from the smallest 10-gallon system to the full scale 15bbl brewhouse or even 120bbl fermentation vessels. We've tested through the scales to find what fits, and if we don't have it today, it doesn't mean we can't offer you a solution.

4.3 Inch, 7 Inch, or bigger

Perhaps our favorite part about the 360 series is the options. No longer are you locked into just a computer screen or just the tiny led screen. The 360 controls are all based on a 4.3" screen, that can be upgraded to 7". The screen gives you a physical point to control your brewery, without need of a computer and without worry of broken LEDs or switches. To top it all off, the unit can go bigger by way of any internet enabled device, say a 10" tablet. With all the power of the touch screen, your web page access gives you the ability to control and monitor by remote, whether in the same room or in another part of the brewery or even off site* such as from home.


The Electric Brewing Supply 360 Series brewery control solutions offered the benefit of inter communication. What we mean by this is that each controller can talk to others, but how we implement them is a benefit to the small brewer. With the brewery controller in front, one can check fermentation as well as keg washing progress. The smaller panels can even directly control some fermentation from the brewhouse. By way of your network, the brewer can keep tabs while focusing on the part of the process that takes the most time and at points, most attention; the brewing.

Probe Specifications
 NPT Style Probe


Tri-Clamp Style Probe


NPT Are also available in 4 and 8 inch lengths

Tri-Clamp are also available in a 7 inch length



Assembled Tri-Clamp Element for heating

Available starting at $190 Each

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Power Con to 5-15 jumper cables

Recommended for between the pump and your panel.  As well as for between your fermentation heat and cooling devices.

Available for $15 each

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Touch Controls

Clear and easy

Taking from an extensive background in User experience development, we have created an easy to use, straight forward, responsive touch control solution with great functionality and features.


Tech not just for the pros

Our 360 Series software is highly configurable, and powerful. We've spent years developing many features that can be used both in a home setup as well as in a pro setup.


Universal Web and Touch control

Don't just control your brewhouse from the control panel in the room, but take control from across your home or facility. With universal control via web, you can take control from any web browser connected to the same network without needing an internet connection.

Take it a step further by adding a VPN and access from anywhere in the world.


Standard or Double Batch

Brew with 1 vessel at a time or 2. With double batch power, heat your HLT and Boil kettles at the same time; speeding up your day. Prepare the second batch of strike water or clean up more quickly.

See the specifications for power draw for each power rating.


Probes included

Included in the price is our high quality RTD/PT100 probes. Select between 1/2 NPT threaded probes or 1.5" Tri-Clamp probes.

Easily mounted

Mount your panel quickly using an industry standard 200x200 VESA TV wall mount. No more guess work involved, find your stud, mount the wall bracket and then, your panel.

Proudly made in the USA

All of our control panels are made right here in the USA. With support and technical help provided by the same folks who designed and built the panel for you.

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