2 Pole 63a DIN Rail Contactor

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63a Contactor with 110v Coil. This is the most commonly used contactor coil type.

Use in line with a SSR relay on one of the poles and have added safety in your high voltage circuits. By installing a contactor with a switch on 110v, you can turn your heating element (220v) circuit on and off physically. To control the power to the element that in turn control your temperature, add a Solid State relay in line on one of the poles, before the contactor. This contactor can be mounted directly on to the DIN Rail along with terminal blocks, breakers, and SSRs on heatsinks.

Recommended for installation with key switch as main power on control.

Wiring contactors

Contactors are an integral part of the electric brewing control panels.  Unlike an SSR, the contactor is a physical shut off of power to your elements or your panel.  There a number of contactors available online, and a few available through our store.  Often we get questions on the simple wiring up of a contactor, here are the common methods.

These 63a contactors are very easy to install and implement via snapping securely to din rail inside your enclosure.  The diagrams attached here reference the typical approach to wiring these contactors for your needs.

For the contactors used in the main power application, it is important to note that we are including a smaller 14ga wire with the 6 or 10 gauge wire that is coming in from the main power source.  It's this small jumper that will provide the power, through the key switch, to the contactor coil.  The drawing is referencing a typical 120v coil.  For 220v coil we would typically tie the common wire to the second leg of the contactor.

For the elements, the power is coming from your switch on the door, this is a more direct, and simple wire up since your power will come from your main source, either the breaker or the e-stop.


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