About Electric Brewing Supply 2.0


Electric Brewing Supply started back in 2012 by Ryan and Katie Gray who were dabbling in the new world of electric brewing as an alternative to the traditional natural gas setup. After spending a chaotic holiday season building their own electric setup from scratch and sourcing equipment from all over the globe, the two decided there needed to be a better, easier way. While the building was fun and exciting, nothing is more frustrating than having to wait 4 weeks for a single part to ship from overseas!


Originally established with the primary goal to only offer parts for brewers to build their own brewing panels, Electric Brewing Supply quickly outgrew the parts-only model and entered into manufacturing. Today our primary goal remains to provide home and small brewers with fast, convenient service with quality parts and products for a fair price, but we now also offer a large and continuously growing selection of brewing-oriented hardware for automating your electric and gas setups. No longer do you need to browse across the web (or the world!) for high-quality brewing panels or equipment: with Electric Brewing Supply, you can get your order in today, watch it ship in short order, and arrive via FedEx in a 3-4 day turnaround rather than 3-4 weeks.


What started as a passion project out of a garage in Houston has grown into a full-service company that operates out of an all-new facility in Chassell, Michigan, just down the road from Ryan's family brewery that's been in operation for 15+ years. Ryan, Katie, their 2 kids, and our local staff aspire to continue our great service while continuing to improve choices and quality of our products and service.

This is what we believe in:

  • Impressive reliability - Out of the thousands of panels we've built, trust your own to perform well and last.

  • High caliber materials - To get the best performance, we source materials that minimize rust and decay and prioritize durability.

  • Dependable manufacturers - We only work with people we trust. Our vendors are primarily based out of the US and Europe and are highly vetted and continuously tested for quality.

  • Accessibility - Brewing should be for everyone and cost shouldn't be a factor that keeps you back from pursuing your passion.

  • Quality is everything - When it comes down to it, it's pretty simple: we make impressive brewing equipment. 


As with so many before us, we see this site as a service to our fellow home brewers: it's one-stop shopping with the voice of personal experience. We share the passion of home brewers everywhere and hope to grow with the home brew community by providing quality service and products. We look forward to helping you build your dream brewery, however small or large that may be!


Ryan & Katie Gray

UL Listed Controls

Electric Brewing Supply is unique in our industry as one of the few UL Listed, 508a Industrial Control Panel shops building high quality controls for all brewing needs.  Certified by UL to their 508a Industrial Control standard, when we advertise UL Listed, you can  be assured the panels are designed to meet and even exceed  expectations.  

*These products can be considered 3rd Party certified for both US or Canadian customers as a result of this qualification when built by our shop.