10G Bräu Mash Tun

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Proudly made in the USA

All our control panels are designed and assembled in Chassell, Michigan. We strive to use as much USA made product in our panels as we can.


Worlds best mash tun?  Possibly.  

Our Mash Tun is made of the finest material and has the best flowing mash tun filter making stuck mashes a thing of the past.  It's built using professional grade sanitary Tri-clamp ferrules and comes with 4 port locations so you can accessorize your kettle in any way imaginable.

Kettle Features:

  • 304 stainless 1.2m steel kettle with tri-clad base.  Induction stove, gas flame, and electric capable
  • 2.5-6 gallon batch size
  • Gallon and later volume markings
  • 4 Tri-clamp compatible ports for infinite customizations
  • Polished exterior and brushed interior 
  • Silicone covered handles

Accessories Included:

  • Mash tun plate with over 1000 perforations.  Narrower and longer slots create less chance for grain to pass through, while retaining unsurpassed flow through the grain bed with a 30% open area of the mash tun plate.
  • Dip tube
  • Tri-clamp butterfly valve
  • Tri-clamp ball valve to control the flow over the grain bed
  • Tri-clamp barb and 2' of recirculation silicone tubing
  • 2 Tri-clamp ferrule caps
  • 6 Tri-clamps and gaskets

LCD PID temp readings

Clear and easy to read

Easily see your temperatures and set them with our EBSP200 PIDs. Solid, stable, reliable, and easy to use. No convoluted menus to navigate.


Standard or Double Batch

Brew with 1 vessel at a time or 2. With double batch power, heat your HLT and Boil kettles at the same time; speeding up your day. Prepare the second batch of strike water or clean up more quickly.

See the specifications for power draw for each power rating.


Probes included

Included in the price is our high quality RTD/PT100 probes. Select between 1/2 NPT threaded probes or 1.5" Tri-Clamp probes.

Easily mounted

Mount your panel quickly using an industry standard 200x200 VESA TV wall mount. No more guess work involved, find your stud, mount the wall bracket and then, your panel.

Proudly made in the USA

All of our control panels are made right here in the USA. With support and technical help provided by the same folks who designed and built the panel for you.

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