Complete systems

Complete brewing systems for any brewer, at any size.  With nearly a decade in the industry we strive to offer, or partner, with some of the best manufacturers in the industry.

Why order a complete system

Complete home brewing systems for order are not a new opportunity, but hey certainly have been many new offerings that have available today. Electric Brewing Supply has been a part of this popular product for nearly a decade and have had a lot of experience when it comes to brewing at home on systems such as these, but on our DIY setups as well. We have partnered with some wonderful companies building incredible systems for all walks of brewers.

What to look for in a system

When selecting your complete brew system, it is important to recognize your priorities and your goals for your new setup.  Are you looking for a convenient to use, small foot print, light setup for small batches or are you looking for a nearly commercial like process, taking up a larger foot print in your new room or in a garage? There are many options to choose from, we have but a few available here.  We strongly recommend you identify your desire and take a close look at our friend's systems or even reach out if you have any questions.

Complete systems to choose from


Top quality full systems designed and built by Ruby Street Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado. Full standard systems from their original 15 gallon Ruby Street HERMS gas system to their all new cutting edge Nano 1bbl Pro Brewer system.


The Unibräu is the all in one brewing system for brewing any type of craft beer from grain. Modular in its design, starting with an amazing brew kettle and removable grain basket. Unibräu comes in 10 gallon (2.5-6 gallon batch) and 20 gallon (5-15 gallon batch) sizes. 


More about Ruby Street and their family oriented business.